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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Farm sitting.....

I'm farm sitting for friends of mine this week. They have such a neat crew. There's the semi-feral outdoor cat "Mopsy", who rubs against your legs while you feed him. You may sneak in a pat or two...but he's really suspicious of people. Especially people with cameras!

Then there are the two "brothas". These indoor kitties are such hams! Total love whores. I still cannot for the life of me remember their names....I call them grey and orange, or just "the brothas". They are littermates, afterall.

Then there are "the boyz". George and Skylar. George is the most lovely shade of red with a sprinkling of white over his hips and Skylar is a milky buckskin. Both are draft crosses and I swear are cut from the same mold! Great big horses, but so sweet and gentle.

Hey George, I don't think Skylar appreciates you taking a nip at his butt! :P

And who could forget Thelma and Louise! Two of the most adoreable miniature donkeys you'll ever see! I can't remember which is which, but I think Thelma is the one with the shaggy forehead. They were rescues and are very shy of people, but so very cute!

The Friesian got the day off today. :) It was windy as heck, and we were both tired from yesterdays 8 mile ride.

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