The chronicles of a Friesian mare who happened upon an owner who lives outside the show ring....

Monday, June 9, 2014

Finally, a new dressage saddle!

New to us anyway.  I found a barely used Sensation Formal Dressage online for sale at a significant discount compared to ordering a new one.  (about $850 less!)  How could I resist?  She has had such success hunting in our Sensation Jump saddle that I've wanted to get the dressage version for quite some time. 

We've ridden in it a couple of times and it is ah-mazing!  Comfy for me, but more importantly, comfy for her.  Her trot is bouncier, her canter  more round, her leg yeild unimpeded.  It's amazing what the horse can do when the tack isn't causing restriction.

Love, love, love these saddles.  Paired with the handmade pad I made, they have been a back saver for her.  So grateful that I've been able to secure two of them.

We continue to work out dressage schooling as our next show is Saturday, June 21st, up at UNH.  We'll be doing First 2 and First 3, so hopefully it won't be too hot!  I just sent the entries in for the NEDA Summer show to be held on July 13th and something new.....the Broadfields Dressage Sport Horse Show to be held on July 19th!  We'll just be doing one test at NEDA Summer.  I expect it will be HOT mid-July and one is enough for her in that weather.  The Dressage Sport Horse Show is something new and exciting that we've never done!  We'll be showing in-hand on the triangle in Maiden Mares 4 and older and in the IBC (Individual Breed Class) for Friesians.  Whoo!

I just put a new pair of Ground Control Shoes on her yesterday and I continue to LOVE them.  I'm getting faster at shoeing too.  Bless her heart, the first set I put on took me about a hour a foot!  (she is a saint to stand there while I figured it out) but this last set went on in just over 2 hours.  So nice to have new kicks. :D