The chronicles of a Friesian mare who happened upon an owner who lives outside the show ring....

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Groton House 2 Phase

Despite the cold temperatures and wind driven rain, Daatje and I had a wonderful outing at the Groton House 2 Phase, Saturday, May 25th.  Not knowing if we could repeat the success we had at the UNH 2 Phase back in April, I figured we'd give it a go and look at it as just another practice session.

I signed us up for the Elementary division again, to keep the jumps tiny.  Knowing that she still looks at them hard and hesitates over the first few fences, it's the best way to get her past her stage fright, I much as I would rather be doing BN or even N.....

She was awesome.  We rode First level test 3 as part of the dressage schooling show, scoring around a 63%, which wasn't too bad considering we've never done it before and had little practice due to the rainy weather.

The Intro B test for the 2 Phase was smooth and easy, but man, after riding in the standard arena, that small ring seems so tiny! 

There were 10 fences in the jump field.  She had to jump the first fence away from the in gate. (strike one!)  The scary woods were right next to fences 9 and 10.  (strike two!)  But, with less hesitation than at UNH, she jumped them all!  Huh, maybe the job is finally sinking in. :)  That would be amazing!  She entered the ring with purpose, looking for the jumps.  No longer hesitant and stuck, but forward and eager.

I think one more successful 2 Phase at Elementary and we'll give BN a try again.

We did have one goof in Stadium.  She stopped at fence poop.  Oh Daatje, she never did learn to poop and go at the same time!  The stop had nothing to do with the jump, as you can see in the photo below, she was quite enthusiastic about fence 8 once she had taken care of more important business. ;)

We ended up in 2nd place, out of a sizeable division!  Cool beans, mare, cool beans.

This weekend, we'll be hunting on Saturday, June 8th, and then have to decide what to do on Sunday, June 9th.  There's the New England Hound Show, the 4-H Show in Salem, the Carriage Town Show in Amesbury........Horse show or Hound show, that's the latest question!