The chronicles of a Friesian mare who happened upon an owner who lives outside the show ring....

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Happy Birthday Daatje!!!

Well, it was yesterday, but better late than never!  On 2/28/2001, little Daatje was born to a 4 year old mare named Sientje vd Wildenburg.  She came out curly haired all over with her left ear folded over her forelock.  Such a precious little thing she was!  You can see photos of her as a baby here.

So hard to believe that was 11 years ago.  She's grown so much!

I managed to get in a nice ride a couple of weeks ago and my brother took some photos.  I'll post about that later.  This winter has been lacking wonderfully in the snow department so the footing in the field is actually pretty decent!

That's all about the change though, we're supposed to be getting 10+ inches of snow tonight!!!  Stay tuned for the next post about our winter dressage practice........

Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Ice Ride 2012

I knew the trails were rough for the lack of snow, but I was not prepared for just *how* rough!  Took Daatje out today, met up with a friend to explore our trails.  We were gone for 3 hours, covered about 12 miles and had to tip toe over some pretty slippery stuff!  We crossed the spillway and went all the way into Hampstead.  Here's some shots of the ride:

Heading out onto Academy Ave from the driveway.

Turning onto Crystal Hill Rd from East Rd.  No photos on East Rd, too many cars to deal with.

Still on Crystal Hill here.  Something *super* scary is about to appear over that rise.  (rolls eyes)
Of course, nothing of the horse-eating persuation was anywhere to be found. :)
Climbing the hill of Crystal Hill Rd.  We just passed the trail head on our way to meet up with our friend and she's kinda confused......
But easily un-confused when she spies some waving flags on the light poles up ahead.  Oooh those scary waving flags.
After we met up with our friend, we hit the trails.  This is my friends stunning white German Shephard Dog who came along for some exercise.
Following "Inky" on the trail.
Daatje leading the way.
I can't get over how pretty this GSD is.....lovely girl.
Just after crossing the spillway.....a pretty deep and wide, rushing water crossing.  it was a man-made channel to feed mills and such.  Now, it's just a fast moving brook bordered by the ruins of the old mills.  Pretty cool, but I was too distracted by dodging ice chunks to whip out the camera and take a pic while we were actually crossing it.  Maybe next time, when there's no ice.

After we crossed the spillway and climed the hill through the pine forrest, the footing got wicked dicey!  I was so focused on putting Daatje in a good spot on the trail that I totally forgot I had my camera with me.  So, here we are, probably 2 hours after the photo above this was taken, on our way back home, hacking out on Crystal Hill Rd.

Approaching East Rd........woah that blue tarp is sooooper scaaaaary.
Suspiciously eye-balling the blue tarp as we pass it.
Last stop before traffic-land.  East Rd is THE reason why I wear hi-viz gear and carry my "dingbat whacker".  Daatje is waiting for the word "go".
Finally home, safe and sound and very tired!
Checking out a jogger going down the street.
Just before untacking and cleaning off all the fozen mud from her legs and belly.  She blinked.

So that was our adventure of the weekend.  I'm not sure I'll repeat those trails again, unless we get some serious snowfall.  I never thought I'd say it but........I miss the snow.  :o