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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Ground Control Shoes - 12 week update

Today has been 6 weeks since the last reset of Daatje's front shoes and she was in definite need of a trim.  The shoes, which have been worn for a total of 12 weeks, were at the end of their useful life.  In my opinion, these plastic horseshoes wear equally as well as steel shoes. 

To prepare the new set of shoes, I had to mark and dremel out the nail channel a little to accommodate Daatje's white line. 
New GC Shoes marked for widening the nail channel.  I also noted where her steel shoes ended to give an idea of how much support I'd want to leave in the heel.
To help me out, I used an old pair of steel shoes that she had worn in the past.

I then marked the shoes for studs.  Being polyurethane, it is easy to install "Grip Studs" as you would for a tire or a hiking shoe.  I figure the time is not far away when we could be hunting in the morning on frosty grass, which would be very slippery without some traction assistance.
Marked for studs
Tiny "Grip Stud"
I drilled a small pilot hole and then used the special tool to screw in the studs.  I'm hoping these will perform like borium on a winter shoe.  They can be removed, if they don't work out, but I'm hopeful they will, as we're coming into the season where they'll be needed!
Four "Grip Studs" installed and ready to go.
So, that done, it was off to the barn to remove the old GC's and trim the mare up.  Here are photos of the 12 week old GC shoes next to their unused counterparts.

Left front, ground side.
Left front side view (heel at my fingertips, toe bottom of photo)

Left front, sole side.
Left front, heel view.
Right front, ground view.

Right front, solar view.

Right front, side view.

Right front, heel view.
12 weeks of being stomped on by 1400 lbs of Friesian, almost 100 miles of foxhunting in rocky terrain, hacking on pavement, slippery wet grass, mud, river crossings and they still had tread!  Ready to be replaced, but the performance completely met my expectations.  I'm very pleased.  She continues to move well, stay comfortable and confident!  I'm getting better at the application too, which certainly helps things along.

Here are some pictures of her fronts, freshly done.

Ok, a lot of pictures. :)  Hunting has been going smashingly well.  We've been consistently in the back of 1st field, jumping everything and keeping up 'till the end.  I honestly believe the shoes have played a major role in the success we've been having this season!  Thank-you Ground Control Horseshoes! :D

Monday, October 7, 2013

Hunting on a Wednesday

Is not something I get to do very often, given the fact that I have to work to make a living.  But, last Wednesday I took a vacation day to go foxhunting.  It was a hot day, nearing 80 degrees.  The MFH waived jackets (thank goodness!) given the heat so although it's now formal season, we were allowed to wear our white polos.  I was asked to lead 2nd field, which is not something I usually do, but I was happy to oblige (although deep down, a little nervous).  There's a bit more responsibility that goes along with leading a field vs riding in one! 

2nd Field
All was going quite well until about 1/2 way through the hunt.  The warm weather had brought the yellow jackets (aka ground bees) out in droves and we had run into them several times already, knowing that we would have to double back at some point and cross their nests again was a bit disconcerting!

So, at one of the known ground bee nests, first field took off at a good clip.  I held my field back just a few seconds so that if 1st field slowed down, my field would have time to clear the bees.  Well that plan backfired.  By the time we reached the 4 way intersection in the trail, where 1st field should have been was a cloud of dust!

Ugh.  I went straight and by the time I had realized we were not following 1st field anymore, we were already back across the river. 

I'm trying to think of where they could have gone when it dawns on me that they're at stirrup cup!.......which is at least 2 miles (ok, I might be exaggerating) in the opposite direction.  Grumble.

So, off we went at a smart trot in (what I hoped) was the direction of the Goss's farm where stirrup cup is held.  We got there, in a round about sort of way, thank goodness!

Phew!  After that, bees or no bees, I was not letting 1st field out of my sight. :)

Here are some more shots of last Wednesday's hunt.
Playful hounds at the beginning of the hunt

Beginning the hunt

Standing at a check.  See the "fox"?

At another check

Moving off from a check.

Daatje is thinking "why am I not up with them???"

Hilltop field!

Hounds at the pond, cooling off

2nd field at the pond

Check at the cemetery

From the cemetery check, a pair of working drafts could be seen in the distance.

Not all of the hunt horses were ok with this set up. :)  Daatje doesn't mind horses in harness.

Fall in New England is a beautiful sight.

Heading down to cross the river.

Daatje's view.  (just after I took this shot, the appy ran right over yet another nest of ground bees!)

Off to the pond for a dip after another awesome day of hunting!