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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Foxhunting Friesian goes Western

Remember back when I posted about putting together a Zorro costume for Daatje and I?  Well, since then, I've been kinda on the lookout for a western saddle that we could tool around in, and also use as part of our Zorro outfit.

Holy crap I found one.  Was on the way back from a trip to Maine and stopped in at the BEST tack shop in the world, Double G Tack.  I LOVE that store!  If I lived closer, I'd be broke for certain.  Anyway, we went upstairs to peak at the used consignment saddles and this baby was sitting on the saddle rack:
It's a Simco in really great condition, and the price was exactly what I had in mind!  I could not leave without it.  It'd only been in the shop for a week, and who knows when I'd be back!  So, I bought it. 

Brought it home and tried it on Daatje and it fits her back like it was made for her!  Better than any of my english saddles (except for the Sensation Jump, which is a perfect match for her as well).  I still need to get a western pad, cinch and curb strap before I can ride her in it, but here's a shot of her sporting her western duds, minus the missing gear:

I think she looks smashing in western tack and I'm having a blast seeing just how versatile this mare can be! 

On the home front, we're busy, busy, busy installing the fencing and working getting the stalls completed so the horses can come home.  It's keeping me from regular blogging, I'll get better, I promise!  Especially as hunting season draws near.  It is very hard to believe that the first Saturday hunt of the season is less than a month away!!!

Here's a shot of my barn with in-progress fencing as it was this morning before I left for work:

And of the stalls my Dad has been working so hard on to finish:
This weekend I'm taking a break from the property and bathing and body clipping all three horses.  Then, on Sunday, I'm taking Daatje to the WNRDC Stadium Practice Day.  It's a schooling day where the WNRDC sets up a course of stadium fences (18" x-rails through 2'11") and for just $30 you can jump up to 6 rounds at any height you choose.  Pretty cool!  I hope to bring someone along to take pics.....will let you know how it goes!