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Monday, July 21, 2014

UNH June Dressage

What a busy summer!  I don't know if I'm coming or going between juggling horse shows, property maintenance and improvements, work and family it's just crazy sauce!

Back in June, I took Daatje to the USEF Dressage show up in UNH.  This was just before I took a week long business trip to Ohio.  I was bummed 'cause I wanted to show both Saturday and Sunday that weekend, performing one test each day, but I had to fly out on Sunday and didn't want to risk having to scratch out of a test just to make the flight.

So anyway, Daatje was very, very good.  She always gets decent marks with respectable comments like "horse is very obedient", etc.  She'll never get stellar marks as she's not a brilliant horse.  Her gaits aren't over the top, she's long in the back and steep in the croup which makes lengthening difficult for her.  But she tries to do everything I ask of her the best that she can.  What more can I ask for? :)

There was a professional photographer there, who took a TON of photos of us.  I bought alot of the digital images, just couldn't decide between them!  Here are a few of my favorites.

Love this photo!

The Sensation Formal Dressage Saddle continues to impress. :)  I had to use the pad I made for my Jump model as I hadn't had time to sort something out that fits this saddle better, but it did the job and only looks a little funny. :)  She scored well in the mid-sixties in both First 2 and First 3. 

After this show, we attended the NEDA Summer show.  The weather was nasty hot.  Daatje put in what felt like the best test of the season so far, but the judge only scored us a 58.8%  Too low, based on what we've been scoring and how she felt, but some judges just don't like Friesians.  I haven't encountered it in a while, but the prejudice still exsists.  No matter, soon we will be galloping over hill and dale, through swamp, forest and fields to a pack of hounds in full cry!

That is where the REAL fun is at. :)  Season starts for us on August 16th!!!