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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Deep Water!

Today we found the Hadley Rd Backland. I knew it was there, but the river at the Grist Mill was frozen and covered in snow before, so this was our first opportunity to try it out. The crossing was intense! Water swiftly flowing through the foundation of the old mill, and carving a deep path on it's journey to the swamp below. I knew it was deep, but I could see the rocky bottom, so I knew it wasn't boggy.

I asked her to cross.

After a moment of discussion, to my surprise, the mare crossed! Granted, once she realized how deep it was (almost up to my stirrups!) she tried to retreat back to the nearer bank, but I urged her on and on she went!

What a good girl.

Awesome, we explored new trails.....ones I haven't been on in many, many years, and never on horseback. At one point, we came upon an old well.....and it was uncapped! I didn't dare venture close enough to verify whether or not it was filled in, but I did venture pretty close and it didn't look filled in......totally creepy, "The Ring" style!

Mare was such a good girl. I'm so proud of her.

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