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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Some other Friesians I have known

The year Daatje was born, I was working for a Friesian stable and had the pleasure of riding and driving many horses that year, starting several under saddle and in harness.

This is Roeloff. He was a strapping 17.1 hands and a strong boy. Very spooky, he had a tendancy to spook/bolt and ask questions later.

This is Wietse as a 2 year old gelding, showing in hand.

This is Zwaantje as a coming 3 year old one of her first times being hitched. Zwaantje is Daatje's 1/2 sister. They share the same sire and Zwaantje's dam is the dam of Daatje's dam. I wish Daatje was as easy to train as Zwaantje was! This girl was such a peach.

Ah, the great Teake S. Here he is as a 3 year old, very powerful in harness. Simply a brilliant horse and another tall one standing 17 hands.

This is Paulus E. He was another very nice gelding I had the pleasure of riding. I think he was getting a bit strong on the track in this photo. :) Paulus went on to be a great dressage horse.

I learned alot during the two years I spent working for the stable. But the most significant result of my time there was that I was united with Daatje. I never would have met her had life taken me in a different direction.

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