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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Spring is here!

Or at least the little flowers in front of the house think so. :)
Daatje and I had a great time on the trails today. For a horse who used to flat out refuse to cross water, she's done a pretty good job of overcoming her fears.
Here are two clips of her crossing the deep pool in the gully at the three corners. This was covered in ice and snow just last week! I think it's funny how she glances back at me as if you say, "you're kidding, right?". :)
I just realized that I talk to my horse (and myself) way to much when I ride. Product of riding alone all the time, I think. :) Who else is there to talk to if it's just the pony and I?

We did a 5.3 mile trail ride with lots of water crossings, deer sightings, people sightings (oh my!) and a flurry of activity among the birds and the small creatures of the forest.

Perhaps Spring has arrived. :)

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