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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Taming the hairy beast.

Today has to have been the most beautiful weekend day we've had so far this year. The sun was shining, warm, there was a light breeze....the daffodils are flowering. What a great day to be outside with the horses! Time to dust off the clippers and remove some surplus hair! I decided to start with the big girl first. Here she is, pre-clip, looking very dirty.

Look at all the hair on her legs! Ugh, yuck. I am not a fan of the Friesian hair! A little off the fetlock is cute; makes her look like a little black unicorn. Too much is sloppy, coarse and harbors all kinds of icky skin conditions.

And voila! 2 1/2 hours later, I have a much more comfortable mare.

Can't say the same for me though! I was *covered* in prickly hairs!

That is much better. Just a little off the back to cover the chunky Friesian fetlocks. I tried shaving them all off once. Friesians don't have the most refined legs. :) She looks much better with just a little bit of feather. Her skin is much happier too, and that's very important to me. I used to have a book about unicorns when I was a girl. The way her feathers look here, reminds me of the fetlock hair portrayed on the unicorns in the artwork of that book.

So when I was finally done grooming post-clip, I brought her out back and turned her out. I totally expected her to drop and roll, but she didn't. She just followed me around for a minute, and then wandered off to stand in the sun and yawn. The clip must have been relaxing!

Then it was on to the little one. Rainbow is going to start up driving again soon, now that the snow is gone and the ground is getting firmer, but we've been waiting to drive until we had a good day to clip because her harness doesn't really fit well over her winter coat! Here she is, pre-clip in all her furry wonder. :)

It took a little over an hour to remove all of that winter hair. By this time, my clippers were starting to revolt over clipping the long dirty winter hair, but I managed to pull it off before they quit.

I walked away from the trailer for a minute, briefly forgetting that Rainbow is not Daatje and hates to be left alone! I hear a commotion and return to this:

That girl's got talent. If only she were 16 hands! This little mini is so athletic that she can easily jump a 3' vertical.....and she's only 35" tall! She loves to jump....loves to gallop....but yes, she does have a couple of quirks. Standing tied alone is one of them. Don't worry, I promtly rescued her after snapping a couple of quick shots. Back at the mini barn, safe with her friend Spoo.

Silly Rainbow, you'd never know she was turning 18 this year, would you?!? I didn't get to ride today, sacrificed it to get the clipping done. Perhaps tomorrow.

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  1. Two things: Daatje looks so lovely all clipped up. I can practically hear her sighing with relief! Also, holy MOLY that is a lot of fluff for a little pony!!!