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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

XC Schooling at UNH

I love the UNH cross country course. I did my Bachelors at UNH and rode every semester of the four years I was there. What a great time.....the good 'ole days for sure. Anyway, when a fellow foxhunter and friend of mine offered to take us XC schooling during the discounted special schooling day I couldn't say no!

Daatje was awesome. We schooled most of the Novice questions and a couple Training level questions (the steps and the water......really the water was a bit of a stretch!) and she was super. I brought along my camera and took a bunch of photos of Jan and Alice. Jan was nice enough to take some shots of Daatje and I too. They came out blurry, but you can still see what we're doing!

Training water option...

What used to be the Saw Mill...

I so need a new camera that's better with the action shots. :)

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