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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Myopia Spring Hunter Pace

Today I rode out with my friend Kim at the Myopia Spring Hunter Pace down in Hamilton, MA. The track was 6.8 miles. Our top speed was 15.1 mph and our average speed was 6 mph. We were on course for about one hour and ten minutes. What a great time! The weather held for us (suprising as it started pouring on my way home and has been raining ever since!) and our mares were good. Daatje was disobedient at most of the jumps I asked of her, which is typical of her when she doesn't have a solid lead. Kim's mare was awesome. Jumped what was asked and only got a little squirrelly towards the end.

Here's the view from Stirrup Cup. Just gorgeous!

Last leg through the schooling fields.

Below is a video taken just before the above photo.

We're going back tonight for the awards diner. No clue if we were anywhere close to the time.....we'll find out! :)

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