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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Wentworth Hunt Spring Pace

I wasn't going to go because of the high gas prices, but it's the last event I had scheduled in May and with nothing big on the calendar until August (well, maybe a dressage show or two in June/July) I figured "what the heck". So, Kim and I paired up again to ride at another hunter pace, this one put on by my hunt club.

It was a beautiful day to be up in Milton Mills.

We were out for 1:24:25 and travelled 7.2 miles. We thought we were going slow....but came in 23 minutes fast on the time! No matter, it was a fun ride all the same. The horses were good, the weather was great, who can ask for more?

So, now we're going to focus on getting her fit for August when foxhunting starts. For paid activities, we may do the Pipestave jumper day on June 12th and we might do the SNHDCTA Dressage show at UNH on July 17th, but we'll see how things go.

There are definitely trips to Bradley Palmer and Maudsley in our future. Oh it's good that summer's almost here!

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