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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Approaching six weeks

Ground Control shoes at 2 weeks

Daatje is approaching six weeks on the front set of shoes (where does the time go?) and it's time for a re-set.  (Two weeks passed between putting on the fronts and putting on the hinds, so the hinds will be done in a few.)  Odd, yes, but that's how things worked out.  Probably better for me (and Daatje!) as I'm not sure I could do all four in one sitting in a timely fashion!  Not yet, anyway.

We hunted again yesterday (hooray for vacation days and week-day hunting!) at our rockiest fixture and Daatje was quite comfortable in all three gaits.  A few people lost shoes in the footing, but Daatje's stayed on without question.  Photos from the hunt and re-setting of the front shoes to follow! :D 

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