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Monday, August 26, 2013


I think it's safe to say that Daatje thinks she's superwoman with these shoes on all four hooves.  :)  The hunt at Rest and Be Thankful Farm last Saturday was outstanding!  I had more horse under me than ever before.  She had power like never before, traction like never before.  And best of all, the shoes stayed on tight through everything!

Saddled and ready
The hunt was just under 8  miles and covered some of the most beautiful farmland and woodlands to be found in southern Maine.
Hacking down the gravel drive
At stirrup cup
Cooling off after the hunt.
I think it's safe to form an opinion about the shoes.  They are everything I had hoped they'd be, offering the right kind of protection, simple to apply, stay put......the last judgement will come with how long they wear and the next setting will determine that.  We're on week 4.  A couple more weeks and I'll pull them to trim and reset.  I plan on taking photos of the shoes after 12 weeks side by side with a brand new set, to give an indication of how they wear over a 12 week period.

The next hunt for us is August 31st all the way up north in Tamworth, NH.  Full of scenic vistas at the foot of the White Mountains, Red Horse Hill Farm is usually well worth the trip!  Here's to more fabulous hunting weather.....


  1. Boy she is a STUNNING animal. I am so glad those shoes are working so well for you both. I sent my farrier the link and he apparently called the company to learn more about them -- pretty cool!

  2. Awe, thanks Kate! And it is pretty cool that your farrier wanted to learn more about them! :) I'm thrilled that Daatje is doing so well in them. I thought they might be just right for her needs, but you never know until you take the plunge! :D

  3. She is so gorgeous. I love that first photo. Wow.