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Monday, August 19, 2013

Pony Car

Up until last Saturday, my husband and I have been a 2 car household.  He works close to home, and for gas $$ sake, takes my truck to work.  I take our little 2008 Cobalt (my commute is 60 miles a day).  My truck isn't getting any younger.  It's a 2001 model Silverado with 119K miles on it.  I really want to preserve it for towing the horse trailer and de-commision it as a daily driver back and forth to work so it'll last a little longer.  (buying a new truck would be so expensive!)

So, I started searching for a third vehicle to use as a commuter car.  Last week, I found a nice used 1998 Ford Mustang GT with 90K miles on it, one owner, Texas car.  My husband doesn't really care what he drives (not into cars at all) and has zero interest in driving a standard transmission, so he's taking over the Cobalt as his commuter vehicle and I get to drive the Mustang GT!!! :D  Whoo-hoo!

Fun times, fun times.  Without further ado.......the Pony Car. :)
My "new to me" Mustang GT

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  1. Niiiiice! Enjoy. :) My eventual plan is tow-vehicle truck and older Miata as a daily driver. We even have the Miata already, though my boyfriend is having so much fun with it that I may have to go find my own when the time comes...