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Friday, August 31, 2012

Children's Hunt

Last Saturday Wentworth held their annual Children's Hunt where the youths are the guests of honor.  What an incredible turnout we had!  In years past, the juniors were slight in numbers, but this year, we had 12, I believe, and the total number of riders in the fields was around 40!  That's awesome.  The hunt was at our fixture in Lee, NH, a lovely working farm that also happens to be home to our pack of hounds.
Someone was so nice to ask for my camera to take a photo of us.  We're always behind the lens and never infront of it! :)  Here we are at the polo field, awaiting the start of the hunt.

Our new huntsman and the hounds arrive.

And we're off!  It was fabulous riding with so many people (and so many capable young people!) 

Riders gathered at a check, waiting for the hounds to burst out of the woods, working the line.  This hunt is set up very well for all fields to get a great view of the hounds as they run!
Here they come!

And there goes the huntsman after them.
We even crossed the river.
Which was quite low, given the drought we've had this summer.  When we made it out of the woods and into the fields again, the hounds came bursting over the hill, heading right for us!
Such a wonderful sight to see.  A pack of happy, running foxhounds. :)  Tomorrow is a very important hunt in Rochester, NH at one of my favorite fixtures.  I will be back with photos and a full report!  Tally ho!


  1. How fun! I know it is tradition, but do you need to pull her mane? I'm so use to seeing Friesians with long manes!


  2. Need to? No. Want to? Yes! I hate long manes and she gets so hot under it she's way more comfortable with it short. She looks smashing in button braids during formal season.

  3. Nice!! Sounds like a great day! I am planning to come to the Sept 22 hunt!! Will that be formal season yet?

  4. Awesome Liz, that's great! The hunt on the 22nd is still cubbing season so ratcatcher attire is fine or if it's hot most of us will wear a white polo shirt. Ooh so excited to see you there!

  5. Looks like a fantastic way to spend a day!

  6. Great photos, and your horse looks amazing. What hunt is this, and is it a drag pack? Very pretty country! Do you know what type of hounds your pack is made up of?
    Glad you are well again and posting to your blog. Our hunting here is still very early (5am!) due to the heat and humidity, so I won't be hunting mounted until we cast hounds after sunrise, lol!

  7. That looks like so much fun! I'm glad you had such a great turnout and that everyone had fun. :D