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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Prodigue Farm Hunt

I have been sick for three weeks.  THREE weeks!  Started with feeling run down, then sore throat, sinus, cough, cough and more cough.  I'm still coughing although a little less now.  But, that did not stop me from enjoying a fabulous hunt in Rochester NH last Saturday at one of my favorite fixtures, Prodigue Farm.  The open fields at this compilation of properties is unmatched.  Our usual run was dampened by the fact that it is early in the season and many farms are not done with haying quite yet, but all the same.  Gorgeous.

Daatje has been really, really strong on the hunts lately.  I'm loving it, but it makes for difficult picture taking when we're in motion. :)  I've needed both hands on the reins as of late.  Perhaps as the season wears on and the hunts get faster and longer, she'll settle into her gallops a bit better and stop trying to race the horses in front of her.  Silly mare.
Someone got a shot of us during stirrup cup.  I'm in the process of hacking up a lung.  Not quite flattering, but very fitting capture of my day. :P

I'm on vacation this week, and was planning on hunting Wednesday (tomorrow) but the heavy rain in the forecast convinced me to stay put.  Thankfully, the hunt called the meet off, so I won't be missing out on anything!  Our next hunt is this Saturday, again in Rochester, only this time at the Myhre Equine Clinic.

On a most positive note, our barn and fencing was completed on schedule and the horses came home yesterday!!!!  I could not be more thrilled to have Daatje right outside my back door again.  She and her mini friends are settling in well.

Rainbow (the chestnut) and Spooky (the bay) are just loving the extra room, in-and-out stall and having Daatje right next door!

My husband Jake and Daatje, hanging out in her paddock.


  1. How wonderful that your horses are home! I hope you feel better soon!


  2. Beautiful setup! I love your wooden barn! I am one of the few around here who also built one. Most folks have the metal Morton type, which just doesn't "feel" right!

  3. hello! i've been following your blog for the past year now and I always enjoy reading up on your adventures! I hope to one day be able to have my own horse and set him/her up in a barn and pasture like you did! What a lovely life you have! Hope your cold goes away soon!

  4. congratulations!! how awesome did it feel to bring the ponies home?

  5. Eek! I hope you feel better soon. I hate those kind of illnesses that just linger and hang on. Ugh!

    Wow, your place is beautiful! I'm so glad the horses are home with you and you can enjoy them whenever you want now. :D

  6. I have been trudging through the same kind of sickness, going on four weeks now. Sore throat, stuff nose, horrible cough, and an ear infection. At least the sore throat and ear infection have cleared themselves up. Looking for the light at the end of the tunnel, but can't seem to find it!