The chronicles of a Friesian mare who happened upon an owner who lives outside the show ring....

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Early Morning Riding

So early, in fact, that the moon was still up!

I've been sneaking in rides between 5am and 6am these days because that's the only time I have!  Bonus:  It's nice and cool
Drawback:  I'm exhausted!

Absolutely worth it, though.  So nice to be spending time with my mare.  It sets the tone for the day and I feel fantastic having already ridden before work.

On the home front, the stalls are nearly done!  I put their name plates on the doors yesterday. :)
And my Dad finished the center divider.
I can't wait until the horses come home!


  1. The barn looks wonderful! I wish I had the type of discipline to wake up early and ride- I imagine it feels great after getting over the initial sleepiness!

  2. Oh love the name plates and the stalls. Wow so beautiful! Your dad is a very talented builder. :D

    I wish I could make myself get up early, but I've just never been a morning person and probably never will be. Oh well. I'm glad you're taking advantage of the cooler weather in the mornings.