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Monday, April 22, 2013

From goat beard to gorgeous....

I must be up for the "most infrequent blogger" award.  Last post was in February???  Where has the time gone?

Winter is slowly leaving us.  The snow has melted, grass is greening up, buds are about ready to pop on the trees, daffodils are glowing and horses are shedding!  Well, they've been shedding for a while now, but it's been too cold to clip, and I haven't been riding much so couldn't justify it.

That all changed when I sent in my entry for the 2 Phase compeitition held at UNH on April 21st!  (yesterday......more on that later)

Daatje was shaggy, dirty and goat-faced.  Not a very respectiable state to be seen in at a horse show. :P  I kept putting it off, as it's been so chilly out, especially at night, but I could put it off no longer.  The day before the show, Daatje spent 3 hours getting a beauty treatment.  Shed, curry, vacuum, clip, more vacuuming, rub, rub, rub!

From "goat" to "gorgeous" and ready for the 2-Phase!

Look at my beard!

All cleaned up and more beard! :)


So we were ready for the 2-Phase the next day.  What was I thinking?  We hadn't worked in THREE WEEKS!  And we haven't shown in over a year.  Gotta start again somewhere, right?  I'll have a full report on the 2-Phase tomorrow. :)


  1. Just started reading your blog, looking forward to the report on the 2-Phase!

  2. Haha goat to it!

  3. LOVE her tail! My first thought was... she's bald! LOL! She looks great. Good luck at the show! I can't wait to hear all about it. :)

  4. From goat to gorgeous. I'll have to use that. Haha. I just trimmed beards on my woolly mammoths too...