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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Happy New Year!

All New England Hunts Joint Meet 2012 - Crossing the Ipswich River
Woah, a blog post from the Foxhunting Friesian?  You don't say. ;)

At first I was too busy to sit at the computer, and now that the hunt season is over.....well.....there's just not that much going on.  At all.

I miss the hunting, but it's nice to sit back, relax, sleep in on Saturday mornings. :)  This time of year we putz around on our trails, plotting and planning what the new year will entail.

Standing at a check - Wentworth Joint Meet 2012
What will 2013 bring us?  Not sure, really.  I've reached the point with Daatje where there aren't too many new things we could try (without buying tons of new equipment!).  I did get an awesome blingy breastcollar to go with my western parade saddle. :)  The day after Christmas I tacked her up and we went for a hack.  She wears the western gear well.  Me?  I just feel weird sitting in that saddle.  So much leather between me and my horse!
Weaver Back in Black collection to go with our Simco Parade of Diamonds saddle
Top down view of the saddle as we head out

Here's the whole set put together.  She looks so big here! lol.  (she's only 15.3 on a good day) :)

So that's our western adventure.....getting her to the point of showing in this discipline is probably never going to happen but it makes it alot easier to have the non-riding family members hop on and feel secure!


  1. I agree with you on the western gear. I ride in them for a few clients, but I always feel strange in a western saddle. Sort of disconnected from the horse.

  2. I took my mare to a western class. I had worked so hard on a good slow trot, but even at her slowest, she lapped the other horses several times around the ring. Those darn long strides are not a plus for western riding!


  3. Wow she is gorgeous in her Western tack! Heck she's gorgeous in anything!!