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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Born to Drive

Ever since I've had Daatje, I've always wanted to drive her.  She has a great temperament and her breed was bred for it!  I've just never had the money or the space for the equipment, so while she was started in harness (borrowed gear) as a young horse, she was never finished. 

She long lines well, has pulled a drag and was even put to on one occasion before I had to return the borrowed equipment. 

Well, now is the time to continue where we left off 8 years ago. :)  I found this absolutely gorgeous harness on Craigslist for (I won't even say how little!) a steal of a price.  It's a Smuckers Deluxe that was used on a 15 hand Hafflinger.  While it's turnback strap and traces are little short for Daatje (I'll have to buy longer ones from Smuckers) the rest fits her quite well and looks smashing!

Without further ado, here is a set of pictures of her modeling this fine pleasure harness.

See how the turnback strap is on too low a hole?  The strap should be in the last two keepers and the hip straps shoudl be further up her hindquarters.  I need this piece to be longer....

Such a pretty lady!
So, here's what I need to do:

1) Buy a longer turnback strap from Smuckers (how much are they, I wonder?)
2) Buy a driving bit (preferably a Zilco flexi mullen butterfly)
3) Make a drag for her to pull
4) Buy a set of saddle and breastcollar pads
5) Train, train and train some more!
6) Buy a nice roat cart
7) Buy longer traces from Smuckers (if the current ones are indeed too short as I suspect)
8) Hitch and go!  (after lots more training, of course)

This is one of our goals for 2013-2014.  I really, really want to drive my horse. :)


  1. it's beautiful! I love CL, you can find so many great deals if you sort through all the crap ;)

  2. She looks sexy in driving gear :)

  3. She does, doesn't she! :D I think she looks so natural in harness, compared to under saddle.

  4. Oh how fun! I've always wanted to drive my Friesians.


  5. That is so cool!!! I'm dying to buy some harness but I don't even know what size I would need. I want to teach Chrome to drive. Faran was a logging horse so he's already been in harness. He didn't do well pulling carriages in singles though because he's a big chicken... Let me know if you find any more good deals (well it would have to be in the U.S. lol). :D Chrome won't get any bigger than 16hh at his tallest... he's almost four years old and 15.2hh right now.

    Daatje is absolutely gorgeous! She looks great in harness. :)