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Monday, March 5, 2012

Is that a Western bridle?

You may remember my mention of Daatje and I being Zorro and Tornado for Halloween this year?  Well, I finally got the bridle/bit/reins that I want to use as part of that get-up so I had Daatje model for you all. :)
You'll notice there's no curb strap....I don't have one to match this bridle yet, so no riding in it until then, but I think she looks smashing in Western tack! 

I'll have to school her in this bridle some before we're ready for the Halloween Hunt/Costume classes/Hunter Paces though.  Although she's had driving training in a Liverpool, and hunts in a Pelham, she doesn't neck rein well enough for me to be comfortable riding her in this bit in an exciting setting.  It will give us something to play around with!  :)

So, after I took these modeling shots, we tacked up in our regular gear and went for one of the best trail rides we've had so far this winter.  It finally snowed, which I really could have done without, but it makes for great footing out on the trails!  We enjoyed quite a few good gallops.  I think she missed being able to get a good run in.

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  1. That bridle looks awesome on her! I can't wait to see the whole costume when you get it done. :)