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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

*What* was I thinking?!?

It has been since August of 2007 that I have shown with my mare at a USEF dressage show.  When I look her up on the USDF Score Check and see this:

DateCompetitionClassLevelTestOwnerRiderJudge(s)Special DesignationScorePlacingUSEF Check
8/4/07-8/5/07Dressage on the Seacoast at UNHNot RecordedTraining4Sarah IsherwoodSarah IsherwoodB. Ebner62.4
6/29/07-6/30/07University of New Hampshire Dressage ShowNot RecordedTraining4Sarah IsherwoodSarah IsherwoodL. Heyerdahl59.2
6/29/07-6/30/07University of New Hampshire Dressage ShowNot RecordedTraining2Sarah IsherwoodSarah IsherwoodA. Gregoire61.786
5/12/07-5/12/07NEDA Spring DressageNot RecordedTraining2Sarah IsherwoodSarah IsherwoodD. Loveless60.357
6/23/06-6/24/06University of NH Dressage ShowNot RecordedTraining2Sarah IsherwoodSarah IsherwoodJ. Conlon51.923

It makes me sad.  :P  That was a long time ago and we've done alot since.  So this year I think, "I'll join the orgs and go to some rated shows!"  We'll get more scores on our record and it'll be FUN!

So, we entered NEDA Spring on opening day and I wait for the weather to turn so we can start practicing our skills (or lack thereof!)

Well, the weather has continued to be awful, without an indoor and only my grass field (which is too wet to use), I have not had much opportunity practice at all!  Like.  Two rides.  >:(

We're doing one schooling show this Sunday to see where we stand, but man, I'm thinking we're goign to have to majorly wing it at these first two shows and that has me wicked stressed!

I felt silly signing up for Training 2 and First 2 and not First 2 and First 3, but now I'm glad.  No way we could pull off the counter canter loop right now!

Why muthafin' nature, why?!?  Is a nice sunny WARM dry day too much to ask for in April?  :P


  1. Warm sunny and dry? In April?! Too much!! ;) Don't stress about your shows, I'm sure you guys will be juuuuust fine.

  2. Yeah... I hate rain.... sorry it's torturing you too! I'm looking forward to following your show season this year though. :D