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Friday, January 3, 2014

Millennium Mile 2014

Happy New Year everyone!

The 2013 hunt season has come to an end, the holidays have come and gone and as I sit typing this, it's a balmy 1°F outside with a substantial wind chill factor. 

I pulled Daatje's Ground Control's a few weeks ago and her hooves looked fantastic!  Plastic horse shoes definitely go on the list of amazing things we tried in 2013.  I'll be certain to use them again next season.  For now she's barefoot and enjoying her extended vacation.  I'm lucky if I ride once a week this time of year and quite frankly, I hate riding when it's cold and snowy.  No worries though.  The time off does her good, I think.  Me too, actually. :)

So, what does this girl do when the riding season has all but come to a halt?  She runs! :D

I'm training for a half marathon on March 30th, so my running schedule has become much more regular.  In the midst of training, I'm throwing in some road races; the most recent of which was the Millennium Mile run on New Years Day!  What a blast.  There were over 1,700 people lined up to race down a one mile stretch of road, down hill for the most part.

I have never raced a mile sprint before, so was not sure how fast I could really go over the distance.  I figured between a 7-8 minute mile so that's the corral I chose to start from.  I ended up with a 7:15 time....just 15 seconds from being in the 6 minute mile range!  Not bad!

I'm not a fast runner, never was.  More of the distance type.  Long, slow distance. :)  Anyway, that time put me in 444 place out of 1700 and in 33 place out of the 224 women in the 30-39 age category.

Here are some photos, sponsored by Geneia (runners get digi photos for free! :D )

The masses lined up at the start

I'm left of center in the green, number 385.

Coming down the home stretch

At the finish line!
I love running.  It's so much fun!  Wednesday's race was so cold, I must have had 5 pounds of layers on.  Not very flattering, but warm! 

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