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Monday, November 18, 2013

Video stills from the Prodigue Hunt

I purchased a DVD from Peacock Feather Video (with extra footage of us! :) ) and as a thank-you, she sent me some still shots from the footage.
In the beginning of the hunt

Towards the end of the hunt.....stealth photographer trying to hide her camera. :P

Another towards the end of the hunt.

This series is so cool.  I didn't know we were being videoed and I was taking video of my own as we galloped up the hill.

The Friesian catches some air.

This was towards the end of the "gone away" just before stirrup cup.  I took a bunch of photos as we galloped up the hill.
So neat to have these pictures and I simply can't wait to see the full DVD! :D  What a great way to remember this fabulous season.

The next hunt for us is this coming Saturday, which also happens to be the Hunt Ball!  Then it's the last hunt of the scheduled season, the "Die Hard" Hunt on the 27th followed by the "Die Harder" Hunt, which has just been announced as a post season hunt on the 30th.  Let's hope the snow holds off!


  1. Those are so cool! It's so nice to have some photos of you and Daatje for a change hehe!!

  2. Those are some nice shots! I hope you post the video here!