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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Slow winter

I've ridden exactly three times the entire month of January.  3, THREE, tres......that's pathetic!

This winter has been so slow.....dark evenings, poor footing.  The lack of snow is killing my desire to hit the rocky trails, alternately frozen and muddy.  Yuck.

So I've been daydreaming alot about what I'm going to do with Daatje as soon as the seasons improve. 

Daydream #1)  Costume for the Halloween Hunt

I always get caught off guard in October and end up short on time to prepare a costume for the hunt on Halloween.  This year, I had an idea early on.....and I'm workin' it.  Daatje and I are going to be:

Zorro and Tornado!

Of course, this requires about $600 worth of extra "stuff". :P  I'll need the whole outfit:

Gauntlet gloves, cape, sword (foam, of course), bandana, fake moustache.....and last I checked, Zorro did not ride english.  So, I'll need a new bridle, bit, reins, breastcollar and yup, you guessed it.....a western saddle.
Which is kinda cool because I've been meaning to get one so my husband can get on her and feel more secure (my treeless saddles don't do much for him!) and now I have another reason to get one.

Daatje as as Zorro.  Now that's an entertaining thought on a boring winter day!


  1. I have a lovely Circle Y you can borrow! It might be too narrow for her, though; it's a semi-QH bar.

  2. I love the name of your blog- I had to come check you out! (found you from Kate's blog). Your Friesian is beautiful!!

    And ho hum, the winter riding doldrums, they are the worst! But at least it is a great time to daydream and plan for the exciting spring and summer riding activities!


  3. p.s.: I'm happy to become your newest follower; I am hoping to get back into fox hunting next year (in Northern California; I've been in the hunter/jumper ring for the past 6 years!) and I would love to learn more from your hunting adventures!

  4. Love it!!! :-)

    BTW, I left an award for you on my blog!!

  5. Thanks all! :) Kate, you are so true about the saddle fit! I think I may have to just make a black saddle cloth to drape over my Sensation. That's my back-up plan if I can't find a western saddle that will fit (that I can afford. :) )

    Corinna, nice to have you as a follower! I try to update the blog at *least* once a month on the off season. :) The spring/summer/fall always have more going on.

    STB Eventer, thanks for the award! :)

  6. Ok, I admit, I have no idea how to accept the award from your blog STB Eventer! I looked but couldn't find anything. Any tips? :) Thanks! (feeling a bit silly, but I had to ask!)


    Just follow the directions! It is my second post down, under 2012 goals, so you might have missed it. :-) Here is the direct link!

  8. Zorro rode a Friesian! ha ha Of COURSE he did! :)

  9. I can't wait to see your costume!! It's crazy how much they always end up costing lol. So worth it though. :D

  10. Well that's 3 times more than I rode during January! I have two Friesians, a mare and her 18 month old daughter who I am sure would be up for anything - hunting included.