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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Cubbing season is underway!

Hooray!  Although circumstances have kept me from going out as often as I'd like to this early in the season.  In fact, they're the same set of circumstances that have kept me from blogging for the past two months!  In short, we bought our first house.  Lots to do, fix, repair, throw away, trees to remove, barn to renovate.....not leaving much time for anything else!  I think I rode a grand total of three times in August.  Ptooy. 

Well, now that we're situated and things have normalized a little bit, I'm back to post hunt updates and happenings with Daatje and I.

Last Saturday, 9/3, we had a lovely hunt at Prodigue Farm in Rochester, one of my all time favorite fixtures!  The gracious host prepared hot mulled cider to warm the riders up prior to setting off.

Here's a nice shot of the hounds warming up with the huntsman and whipper-in.

And a shot of the photographer on her trusty steed. :)

I must say, it was one of the nicest hunts so far this year!  (not taking into consideration I've only attended two!)  This coming Saturday, 9/17, we'll be at Garrison House in Durham and I'm hoping to get some nice photos of the hounds working.  Daatje's been very excitable and I've had to keep two hands on the reins more often than usual. :)

On a very cool note, today, 9/11, was the very first (hopefully annual) Wentworth Hunt Hunter Trials!  Daatje and I decided to compete last minute and I am so glad we did.  Those of you who know Daatje and I and the issues we've had over the past 5 years (her flat out refusing to go off away from whatever she considers "home base") know this was a HUGE DEAL.

I've been working on not giving up or giving in to her tantrums when she doesn't want to be in a place that I've put her and it seems to be paying off.  Today, Daatje completed the entire course of 16 obstacles and we only had two refusals, one at fence 1 and one at fence 2.  After that, she was really getting into it and seemed to have a good time!  Hooray!  I know there were several people taking photos, so I'll be back with some pics (evidence that we did it!) later on.

I'll leave you today with a shot of Daatje after the "gone away" up the hill to the stirrup cup.  She is starting this season out better than ever! :)


  1. Congrats on the new house!! We need a photo tour of the barn when it's done :D

  2. Thanks Kate! I've been taking lots of "before" and "in progress" pictures so I'll add "completed" pictures to that list and will be sure to share! :) It's an exciting time.