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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Grey hairs be gone

I haven't done much with Daatje lately. It's been hot during the week and I'm very, very preoccupied with getting ready to buy our first home, so by the time I get home from work I'm exhausted!

So, I thought I'd share the strange and unusual stuff that I use to dye my hair. Box dyes from the drugstore are so very damaging and my fine hair can't take it. Years ago, I discovered how to color my hair using the powdered leaves of the Henna and Indigo plants. It's messy, smells funny, but the result is super shiny hair that can grow strong.....and not be grey!

I've had these nasty grey hairs since I was 17, so you can imagine how they've multiplied in the past 17 years!

First, I mix up the Henna powder with lemon juice. The acid in the lemon juice helps to release the red dye from the Henna.

I let the mixture sit covered for 12 hours. Once the Henna has steeped in the lemon, I mix the Indigo powder with water and combine with the Henna. Once everything is well combined, I put this goopy, green slop that smells like grass on my head.

Then, I put cotton balls around my hairline and wrap the whole thing up in plastic wrap and cover with a cap. I keep this on overnight, so about 8 hours. In the morning, the mess is rinsed out and I have awesome hair!

Tons of work, yes. But so worth the effort to be able to have healthy, colored hair! Here's where I buy my supplies:


  1. I wondered over from the Rockley Farm blog! I'm 27 and the whole front part of my hair grey and i use box dye about every 6 weeks! eek, I know but i didn't know there were other options out there like Henna! Thank you for posting this AND e-mailing Nic! i have a few questions about using Henna as hair dye
    does it bleed onto clothing/bedding?
    what do you put on your skin before coloring as to not dye it?
    does the color build up at the ends like box dye?

  2. Hi East Bound! Yes, if you get henna/indigo on your skin, clothing, or bedding while applying it, it will stain. Once you've rinsed it out of your hair, you're safe from staining, it won't rub of onto your clothes or sheets as it dyes the hair very well. I put moisturizing cream on my hairline and behind my ears so the henna won't stain my skin and I wear latex gloves to keep my hands from being stained. Yes, Henna and Indigo will build up color at the ends just like a box dye so once you apply it, you only need to touch up the roots as your hair grows. Hope this helps! Sarah :)